Very Hot Chilli Chocolate Bar


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Very Hot Chilli Chocolate Bar

This Very Hot Chilli Chocolate Bar is not for the faint hearted, but if you are intrigued, then you’ll discover the hidden treasures within this truly remarkable chocolate bar.

These chilli chocolate bars come in a rich & creamy white Belgian chocolate which may trick you into thinking that we have only added just a pinch of chilli, but No! This bar really packs a punch. A beautifully complex recipe created by Saffire’s expert Chocolatiers exclusively for those who enjoy a little very hot spice in their life.  The intense blend of white chocolate enhances the chillies heat and gives it a gentle earthy flavour.  An ideal gift for someone who likes their chillis HOT!   All this comes in a clear box which makes it a handy size to pop in your bag or pocket.

Ave Wt 45g


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