Chocolate Party At Home Kit for Children



Chocolate Party At Home Kit for Children   

YES! With our help you can put on a surprise Chocolate Party with our Chocolate Party At Home Kit for Children.

Imagine how thrilled they will be; having a party with their friends AND making chocolates. For you, it’s your way of contribution something new and unique as well as solving your ‘take-home party bag’ ordeal.

Your kit comes complete with all you will need for each child to make their own lollies (2), their own individual, handmade chocolate pizza that they will decorate, and their own chocolate marshmallow kebab – but these may get eaten before they get home!

Your Organiser Kit comprises of:

An individual kit for each child containing:

  • Plate for pizza
  • Lolly sticks
  • Pizza ‘sweetie’ toppings
  • Marshmallows
  • Transfer sheets to decorate the lollies

For each child, you will also receive:

  • Plastic aprons
  • Chocolate pouring cups (two for each child)
  • Spoons (one for each child)
  • Bags for wrapping pizza, kebab and lollies
  • ‘Take-their-chocolates-home’ White Party Bags
  • Pack of felt pens for your child (or party guests) to decorate the ‘Take Home’ bags

Each order will also include:

A plastic tablecloth

A large bag/s of good quality Belgian Chocolate buttons for melting – enough for everyone

Detailed Instructions

Allergen information


You will need to provide:

  • Hand washing facilities
  • Table for children to work at
  • Heatproof bowl for melting chocolate (to be used over a saucepan of hot water)
  • Metal spoon for stirring the melting chocolate



Please Note: These kits are not suitable for anyone with a nut or a dairy intolerance.