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Do you like soft centres or hard?  Do you like fruity chocolates or the nutty ones? Perhaps you like ones with your favourite tipple. Our customers keep coming back for more Saffire Handmade Chocolates.

Let’s see if you like the favourite chocolates chosen by our amazing customers over Easter. Customers favourites -Easter 17    





This is a presentation box of our best selling handmade truffles this Easter … Working from left to right, top row first …  


In first place, (drum roll please!) Just Raspberries Truffle

We are not surprised by this, not only do we use real raspberries in the centre we add an extra tingle for your taste buds by hand rolling each one in still more real raspberry powder.

 Salted Caramel

Dropping in to second place is our gooey, rich salted caramel truffle. Yes, it does come encased in our amazing in 60% dark Belgian chocolate it is topped with a few grains of Maldon Sea Salt. I am sure you can imagine the taste: rich, smooth, sticky but at the same time slightly salty caramel. Don’t take our words for it, why not try one for yourself.

Marc de Champagne Truffle

In third place this Easter comes our Champagne Truffle. We use only genuine Marc de Champagne, produced by a second fermentation of the Champagne grapes. This is the last thing we add to our white chocolate ganache, it is not ‘boiled off’ so be aware that this truffle contains the real thing! You might want to save this for a quiet evening at home when you are not driving.

Summer Strawberry Truffle come next …

Let’s call it the taste of early summer, nothing like the ones that used to get left in the box, these are like eating strawberries straight from the garden. Each strawberry truffle has been individually handmade and hand rolled in white Belgian chocolate and freeze-dried strawberry powder.

Smirnoff Vodka & Orange Truffle

Also known as the ‘Screwball’ cocktail, and as everyone knows, to make a great Screwball you need to use a good vodka, that’s why we use only Smirnoff’s triple distilled red label vodka. You may be tempted to eat more than one, but be aware, these are seriously grown up chocolates as we do not boil off the alcohol!

Espresso Coffee Truffles

Forget the coffee chocolates that used to be left in the box at Christmas. These Espresso Coffee truffles really pack a punch. We make these for our customers who love both their coffee and dark chocolate to be rich and strong.

Peanut Crunch

These truffles are the all-time favourite with our staff as we combine two of our favourite foods: chocolate and salty roasted peanuts. The centre of this truffle is packed with chopped peanuts and to give it an added crunch, each truffle is dipped in Belgian milk chocolate before being individually hand rolled in more chopped salty peanuts.

Old Navy Rum Truffle

Our discerning customers appreciate that we have taken this traditional favourite and given it a twist with a generous helping of Old Navy Rum and no artificial flavourings.Be aware that we do not ‘boil off’ our alcohol so this is a seriously grown up truffle.

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Exclusive workshop at short notice

This weekend we are able to help out a group who were looking to do something different and at short notice.  Being small, unique and flexible we were able to offer an exclusive workshop that suited their needs and on the day they were looking for.

If you want something different to do with a group of friends, why not have a look at our Exclusive Chocolate Making Workshop, then give us a call or drop us an email with your needs and we will always do our best to help you out.


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Chocolate: Are you an Eater or a Taster?

Eat or Taste chocolate?
Tasting or eating chocolate? Is there a difference?

Chocolate: Are you an Eater or a Taster?

This might seem like a silly question but let’s think about it. Yes I know, you put chocolate in your mouth and then you swallow it so therefore you are ‘eating it’. So where does ‘taste’ come in?
If you EAT chocolate (and let’s face it, most of us do…) then you pop it in your mouth, a quick chew and then on to the next piece. Have you ever had a bar of chocolate, opened it and the next thing you realise is that it’s all gone! What are you left with? A purple foil wrapper; a lingering sweet taste in your mouth and perhaps a guilty conscience. “Nothing wrong with that” I hear you say. OK, there’s room for everyone but if you want to get more enjoyment from your chocolate try TASTING it.

So how do you TASTE chocolate?

It all starts before you pop it into your mouth. They say that you eat with your eyes, so look at it; desire it. The cocoa aroma of the chocolate will wake up your taste buds, so go ahead and sniff it. A good chocolate should be shiny and smell of chocolate. Now break off a piece, probably not a whole square, just something the size of a 5p piece will do. Pop it into your mouth and let it start to melt before moving it around so it coats your tongue. Now you will be getting all the flavours. Like wine, a good chocolate has layers of flavours. Then, when it is melted and you have swallowed it … what taste are you left with. If all you are left with is a sweet taste then perhaps it is time to think about changing to a better quality good chocolate that will leave a distinct chocolate taste that linger on.
So next time you have chocolate try being a taster.

Why not check out our website for bars of chocolate.     We use only good quality Belgian Chocolate so you can ….


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Busy weekend ahead

Looks like we have a busy weekend ahead in our chocolate making workshop.  On Saturday we have a full Truffle making workshop and on Sunday a private group booking.

Chocolate making workshops are getting very popular and spaces going almost every day.  Why not take a look at our workshop page and see what we have to offer.  It could just be for a treat to yourself, a gift for a friend or family or even an exclusive booking for a birthday, hen party or another group of friends.

Don’t forget not only do you make chocolate BUT you also take everything you make home with you.  What better reason is there for booking a workshop 🙂

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Belgian Chocolate – why is it the best chocolate?

Belgian chocolate makers are like all good cooks who know that the best results come from using the best ingredients, so they start with the best cocoa beans from the world’s best tropical cocoa growing areas. Good beans are important because the Belgian Chocolate producers use all the cocoa bean. They roast and finely grind the beans to a fine smooth paste and it is this paste that is the basic ingredient of all quality chocolate that carries the name Belgian Chocolate. The paste consists of two natural ingredients, one is cocoa mass which gives dark and milk chocolate its colour and flavour, the other half is cocoa butter –do you recognise the name?
Did you know that the quality of Belgian Chocolate has been controlled by law for over 100 years? They don’t believe in melting out the valuable cocoa butter to sell to the cosmetics industry, instead they leave it in the chocolate. Real Belgian Chocolate will never include fats and oils as a poor substitute for cocoa butter that has been extracted and sold. The cocoa butter gives Belgian Chocolate its rich creamy taste which lingers in your mouth, even after you have eaten it. This is what they call “the mouth feel” of chocolate.
At Saffire Handmade Chocolates we use only Belgian chocolate to make out truffles, bars and novelties.